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Terms Of Services

All the products that offered at comes from our certified team of professional software developers, designer and we hold agreement for each of the service offered. By visiting this website and purchasing you accept the terms and conditions of each product and services offered. Each service will have different license rights on what you can and cannot do with the product. For more information about the general different license definition, please refer to the Terms of Use.

Your Account

You’re account access on the should be keep confidential; sharing of your account is strictly prohibited. In the case of such event, we reserved the right to suspend or terminate your account without prior notice and no refund will be issue.


The reservice the right to change prices without any notice. When you select a service, you will be billed a one-time charge for the service you requested. Some product or services will require a 50% Deposit to get started. Any addition service will be billed separately as each service is ordered by the client. Our current rates listed on our website is subject to change at any time without notice.

Cancellation and Refunds

The is a professional web developer and design service. This service is a digital product and cannot be returned, we do not offer cancellations and return once the service is ordered. Our goal is to offer a 100% satisfaction of the service you ordered and multiple revision will be made until the service is complete.

Revisions and Turnaround

We promise to make our clients happy with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Revisions will be made for free until the service is completed as long as the service is the same. The turnaround time for most of our service depending on the size of each project ordered. Any delay with our service will be given to the customer in advance of the project being completed. Higher quality and larger project usually take more time to complete and we will work diligently to return the project in a timely manner. If you request changes, please allow an additional time for it to be completed correctly by our developer. Please Note that each project varies and is subject to different turnaround time which can change depending on the size and quality of the project ordered. Some changes may require a revision in price depending on the original service ordered.

Website Services: Terms and policy

Please note: Once a client’s website is delivered, we do not accept or offer refunds. In addition, once 50% of your website is completed and delivered or reviewed. At such point we can longer offer a refund for your web project. However, we can continue to finalize the website project to make all adjustments to the best of our ability. In addition, we reserve the right to terminate all ongoing or existing web projects if our business relationship has met its end, or our parties cannot agree on terms and or tasks needs. If our clients are no longer in the position to see through or assist on requested elements needed to complete the task then we reserve the right to terminate the task without question.

Hosting Data Services: Terms and policy

Please note: Early termination fee applies for all hosted accounts by We reserve the rights to subject all accounts to 50% termination fee to your annual account amount. These fees are based on account server setup charges.

We reserve the rights to terminate our hosting and maintenance services upon notification if we feel that our business relationship needs to meet its end. If you are hosting exceed its space we will have to make adjustments to better fit your needs and adjust prices to fit your new package. All customers are not to violate any hosting privacy and safety privileges on the server that will jeopardize the server network such as grant access to hackers, virus, and malicious software. If these terms are violated your contract will be immediately terminated.

Hosting Security: Terms and policy

Please note: Our annual security services fees are based on the setup of your account. To established around the clock system monitoring and security shield protection Setup for your account. This service is non-refundable. In addition. We reserve the right to terminate your account if we determine your site is a risk to our server and system.

Design Services: Terms and policy

Please note: For all design work we do not offer refunds once work has commenced or delivered. However, we will work on your project based on our revision agreement until you are satisfied with results at its best limit.

Web Solution Services: Terms and policy

Please note: All web solution task deliveries are final. We do not accept or offer refunds on any coding work that has been commenced or delivered. However, we offer free changes and revisions. All payments on software and web coding fixes are strictly non-refundable once completed.